Tired of my concrete slabs on my terrace!

Tired of my concrete slabs on my terrace!

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The concrete of your terrace tires you and you want to change it without breaking everything? There is a solution to realize yourself, requiring a little technique but possible by a non professional. Jean-Luc Dhorne, professor of paints and wall coverings floors in a technical high school, guides us step by step, to change the terrace. Interview by Caroline Delman

What is the first diagnosis to be made before embarking on the transformation of concrete slabs?

It must be checked whether the tiles are glued to a screed or not. If this is the case, they can be prepared to receive a new coating. If they move, they must be removed.

How long does it take to prepare the concrete slabs?

The drying time of the products indicates the duration, but allow at least three days.

How to treat your tiles?

The first step is to remove the foam. Use a conventional defoamer that should be left to dry 40 to 72 hours depending on the product. Depending on the exposure, the drying time may vary. To make sure the product is completely dry, place a glass plate on top and check if there is condensation or not. Another piece of advice to be sure that the lichen has been destroyed: it must be yellow. Remove foam waste with high pressure cleaning. Then apply a layer of fiber-based patching compound for exteriors 5 mm to 3 cm thick, using a large bevelled stainless steel float. Once dry, you can put the new coating of your choice on your terrace. For more information, Jean-Luc Dhorne is the author of several practical books at SAEP editions.