5 decor ideas for a blended family

5 decor ideas for a blended family

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Every other week, you know ?! With variable geometry, more and more families today live at this rate. This is why it is not always easy to live together and manage to be calm among your new tribe. But know that the decor comes to your rescue and will allow you to find calm and serenity in your interior!

1- An anti-mess plan in the bathroom

The bathroom can quickly be invaded. For it it is necessary to organize well. Solution : Everyone must have a storage locker with their name written on it. So small things, make-up, favorite shower gel… will be put away after each use and avoid any catastrophic tears!

2- Each corner in the room

To avoid disputes, it is important that everyone has their own corner of privacy. But when spaces are reduced it is not easy to make this little world coexist. Solution : A movable partition! To place and move, it allows for example, when placed between the beds that everyone has their privacy in the evening and the day, it can be moved against the wall to have a sufficiently large play space. Some are even phonetically isolated and can absorb sounds.

3- An anti-dispute plan in the kitchen

It is important that everyone can express themselves. But when one is 8, free oral expression is more akin to the realm of cacophony. Solution : Paint a section of wall with blackboard paint. So you can register the appointments not to be missed by everyone, household chores to share. And above all remember to leave a space reserved for free expression for everyone's demands!

4- Use color to lighten the atmosphere in the living room

Colors like beige, white, taupe are preferred. They are calm and relaxing, then just punctuate everything with colored accessories. Solution: A good dosage for a room is to combine 70% neutral tones, 20% warm colors and 10% sharp colors provided by the accessories.

5- Smart furniture in the dining room for 1 to 8 people

When you are a blended family, you can quickly go from 2 to 8 people depending on the weekends of care. Solution : So to avoid moving everything every weekend, adopt the modular tables.


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