Wallpaper in every corner of the house

Wallpaper in every corner of the house

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If setting the wallpaper turns out to be easy, things can get complicated in a corner, behind a radiator, around a switch or on a staircase. Here are some tips to keep it simple:

In a corner

Use the same method for internal and external angles. Line the wall until you get a distance of less than one strip between the wall and the last strip. Measure the remaining distance and add 2.5 cm. Cut a strip to the measured width and keep the remaining part. Place your truncated strip: the 2.5 cm should be on the next wall. Then lay the rest of the strip, checking the verticality and taking into account the connection.

Behind a radiator

If you cannot remove your radiator, you must line the top and cut the drop down to let the radiator support pass. Then slide the paper behind the radiator and smooth it with a long-handled roller.

Around a switch

Before handling your switch or other electrical outlet, be sure to turn off the power. Place your strip while letting it fall down to trace the outline of the switch with your finger. Cut the diagonals to the corners to have a star cut. Now cut the remaining triangles to obtain a square which should be smaller than the switch by a few millimeters. Unscrew your switch to pass the excess paper underneath and screw it back in.

In a staircase

First think about your safety and always be in a stable position. Draw the vertical that will serve as a benchmark and prepare your strips for the right measurement by providing 5 cm more on each side. After gluing it, start by laying the longest strip and tape to remove air bubbles and excess glue. Cut at the ends using a craft knife.