Mural painting: which material to use?

Mural painting: which material to use?

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Painting a room correctly requires suitable equipment. Before you start, have the following tools at hand!

The tarpaulin

It will serve to protect the soil.

The sponge

Use the sponge to clean up paint stains.

The adhesive tape

It will serve as protection for surfaces not to be painted.

The paintbrushes

The round brush is used for everyday use. The flat brush is used to smooth and varnish. The retread brush is used to paint with precision, for example angles or moldings. The angled brush is used for hard to reach places like behind the radiator. The spalter brush is used for smoothing after passing the roller.

Rolls; Coils

The foam roller is the roller for everyday use. The bristle roller is used for rough surfaces. The anti-drip roller is used to paint ceilings. The honeycomb roller is used for plasters. The rabbit foot roller will help you in difficult places like behind the radiators.

The wringing pan and grid for walls and ceilings

So you can dip your roller in the paint and wring it out before painting.


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