Pebble cushions to prolong the effect of the holidays

Pebble cushions to prolong the effect of the holidays

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The "Rock" cushions designed by Ronél Jordaan will have the beneficial effect of extending your vacation. Different sizes ranging from 40 x 30 x 20 cm up to 90 x 85 x 55 cm, for larger ones, add a little holiday air to your home that suits you so well. To do this, accumulate several on the ground. You will reproduce the effect of a small private beach of your own . Handcrafted in felted merino wool, the pebble cushions are also available in carpets. Similarly, a new version is available for outdoor use. And for the realization of these cushions, the designer trained a group of women from disadvantaged backgrounds in the art of felting who, through this project, benefit from a decent income allowing them to envisage a more serene future. Sold from 155 euros, they are on sale on


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