I created an aesthetic TV space at a lower cost

I created an aesthetic TV space at a lower cost

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Creating a dedicated space for television easily and without spending a fortune is the new challenge that Ikeahacker presents to us. A wall to accommodate the screen, four shelves, white paint ... you will not need a lot of equipment to set up this space.

The equipment necessary to create a TV space

-Four Ikea Lack shelves -Two Lack side tables from Ikea -White paint for the walls -Your television set including screen and possibly speakers.

The steps for creating your TV space

- Delimit the space to paint on your wall, prepare it by degreasing the surface then paint. Let dry and apply a second coat. -Fix the four Lack shelves together then fix them to the wall about 30 centimeters from the floor. -Cut the trays of the Lack tables and fix them on the edge. - Drill the frame at the place which will be covered by the "L" so as to pass the cables and the electric wires. -Fix the "L" thus formed to the wall you have painted. Having fixed the frame at thirty centimeters from the ground, the "L" thus covers part of the frame. -Fix the screen in the center of the frame and install speakers, DVD player and all the accessories that are attached to your television. Do you also like to make original arrangements by diverting the furniture from its original use? Send us your creations at [email protected] and we will publish them on the site. Find other tips to divert your Ikea furniture from its use on the Ikea Hacker website


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