Wire lamps from head to toe!

Wire lamps from head to toe!

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Stripped like skeletons, the iron lamps do not go unnoticed! Made of worked metal wires, they can take a sleek and unadorned style, or else curvy and smooth like Forestier lamps. This brand created in 1992 is a bit of a pioneer in the manufacture of wire lamps. It is Bernard Forestier, landscaper by trade, who thinks first of all to bring the wire on which the plants hang, into the house. Several poetic and graceful objects were born, including wire lamps, the shapes of which largely permeated the Far East. In recent years, wire lamps have been more and more visible in decor shops and showrooms, and in various styles. To integrate into a contemporary atmosphere for some, or romantic for others, each interior will find the lamp that suits it. A trend to follow…


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