How to give height to a room with a ceiling that is too low?

How to give height to a room with a ceiling that is too low?

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Does the ceiling of your room give you the impression of being crushed? Some tips will allow you to repel it visually. Paintings, patterns or furniture, it's up to you to choose the solution that suits you ...

Ceiling paint overflowing on the walls

First choose a shade lighter than that of your walls to paint the ceiling. This will give an impression of height. If you don't opt ​​for white, head for the cold shades that seem farther away than the warm shades. Little tip: make the paint overhang the ceiling on the heights of the walls about 15 cm. The room will thus gain in openness and brightness.

Tall, narrow furniture

To accentuate the height effect, choose narrow and fairly tall furniture. These will visually push the ceiling back. Shelves, a weekly calendar, or a large old-style clock are suitable. Tall stickers can also be helpful.

The patterns: stripes!

A privilege for painting or wallpaper, vertical stripes visually refine and enlarge rooms like people!

Growing accessories

Think of a few accessories that can work in your favor like curtains for example. Long curtains hanging over the entire height of the wall are a significant asset.

Use the mirror effect

Bolder, a large mirror placed on the ceiling will give an impression of infinity. Mirror stickers can also play the game.

Play with light

To give the impression that your ceiling is higher than it seems, light it up! Floor lamps or directional head lights will be of great help to you when night falls ...