Kenwood Cooking Chef: a monster arrives!

Kenwood Cooking Chef: a monster arrives!

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Maybe his accent is less singing than that of Cyril Lignac, that his face is less cute than that of Jamie Oliver or that his figure is less dreamy than that of Julie Andrieu but to choose I prefer to have the Cooking Chef of Kenwood in my cooking rather than these three together. The Kenwood Cooking Chef is not a simple multi-function robot, he is THE robot! Whoever will try to supplant the fame of the Thermomix (which is not an easy task!).

Based on a Major Titanium robot, the Cooking Chef robot is also equipped with induction cooking (from 20 to 140 ° C). It will be possible to make him prepare hot sauces, risottos, stews, jams or steamed dishes. Thirty accessories can accompany this robot such as a blender, a heat-resistant spatula, a multi-pro bowl or grating or mincing discs. Thanks to its integrated timer and cooking control (to within 2 ° C), cooking becomes child's play ... for the rich! Because the beast is still worth € 1,200, enough to refresh our culinary enthusiasm! I don't know about you, but for the moment I'm just going to dream!


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