An unusual painting, a vegetable painting…

An unusual painting, a vegetable painting…

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Do you live in the city, lack air and green? Besides the green plants in pots everywhere in your apartment, you will be able to opt for another possibility: the plant table. Nothing like it to cover your walls with greenery. It's a new decor concept that will appeal to all budding decorators that you are! The "real" plant painting is made from stabilized plants and therefore allows you to hang a panel of plants on your wall as you would hang a classic painting. There are other variants of the plant table: for example the one which consists in putting yourself the plants which suit you in the 16 small pots of the same panel irrigated by an interior circuit. And if you like the concept of the plant wall but ultimately, having real plants hanging on the wall seems a little strange, you can always opt for Koziel's trompe-l'oeil. Finally, in short, I will let you see which one you like the most ...


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