The return of the shaggy carpet

The return of the shaggy carpet

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Very fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s, the shaggy carpet is back! Characterized by long, very soft wicks, this carpet seduces with its comfort and its softness, appreciable when the thermometer goes down ... Sometimes with patterns, the shaggy carpet is most of the time offered in solid colors. The most popular colors are often pastel like gray, beige or taupe. More toned colors like red will give your living room a boost! In terms of shape, the shaggy is rectangular, oval or round, giving it many configurations. Its composition varies depending on the models, acrylic, wool ... everything is possible or almost. The care of the shaggy carpet must be taken care of because the long wicks are a nest of dust! Vacuum your carpet each week in brush mode, change its position regularly so that the light does not damage part of the carpet and in case of stain, act immediately (cloth dampened with water and alcohol for classic stains) !


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