Urban Seat: street furniture!

Urban Seat: street furniture!

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Want to take a break between two races? This will no longer be a problem thanks to the Urban Seat concept created by Damien Gires. The idea is simple: let pedestrians reclaim the street! And for this, Damien Gires invented the Urban Seat chairs and tables intended to be placed on the anti-parking elements that line the street. "I was one day in my office looking out the window and the idea came to me like that!" Explains the creator. This street furniture designed in aluminum is light, robust and stackable. Available in a tablet or in a seat to be fixed on the anti-parking posts, it allows you to chat, have a drink or quietly wait for the bus! The project has won over in France and Europe. The first Urban Seat should be marketed in spring 2010, when the sunny days are back…


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