The Tam Tam stool from every angle!

The Tam Tam stool from every angle!

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We have always loved decorating our rooms with the famous Tam Tam by Henry Massonnet for 40 years. The Branex Design brand is pleased to reissue certain cult design objects, such as this famous stool for example. Since its creation, the Tam Tam has therefore taken on different looks which have enabled it to agree with different styles of decoration. If you tell me that there is not one that would be suitable for you, I will not believe you… There is first of all the Tam Tam POP, original version of this small ultra practical stool (ergonomic, stackable, removable and economical). You will find it in various colors. If you prefer slightly less "saturated" nuances, Tam Tam from the TRANS range will suit you more. But if even these still catch your eye too much, opt for the KRISTAL version: it declines all of the colors in transparent. On the contrary, if you are a fan of ultra flashy colors, the FLUO range is made for you! If all these variants are still too "classic" for your taste, you can turn to the Tam Tam with TREND patterns, or the SMILEY version if you want a little good humor in your decor. But the story of Tam Tam does not stop there: You tell me more chic? I answer you: CHROME version! This shiny side gives it a luxurious and glamorous air. You tell me more graphic? I tell you: the brand new renoma GRAPH version! The seat is covered with photomontages in street art style, for a tam tam "work of art" with an urban look. You tell me again, more humorous? I choose for you the renoma version Mythology. Always dressed in photomontages, your tam tam reveals its true face, with unusual and offbeat portraits half-men, half-animals. And if you tell me: "I want it in the big trend of the moment", I will answer you that you have to turn to the Tam Tam AK-LH, the version with organic graphics, the one that will give life to your stool. And if a stool is not enough, equip yourself with the coffee table that matches, as well as the lamp of the same family ... And for geeks, all you have to do is invest in an itam tam, the station with your ipod speakers! Isn't the Tam Tam family big?


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