Country style cuisine

Country style cuisine

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Country style reminds you of the countryside? You are right, but not only ... As its origin indicates, the country style has its sources in the Anglo-Saxon world and more particularly in England and America in the 18th century. This style is a skilful blend between the refinement of the time and the customs of the countryside. The country style is present today in many American houses, particularly in the kitchens. It gives the room warmth and a friendly spirit without giving the impression of rustic. To add a few country touches to your kitchen, start with soft lines and pastel colors. Beige or white furniture give the room light. For chic, choose beautiful copper pans that immediately give a certain cachet, especially when they are suspended from a credenza. If you have some old pieces of table service such as a beautiful teapot for example, do not hesitate to leave them in plain sight, they will bring a warm and authentic side. Finally, on the kitchen linen side, checkered tea towels can give a little country air, but don't force the line, country cuisine is traditional in elegance!


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