The ready-to-install water heater

The ready-to-install water heater

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Hygienic, easy to attach, comfortable, secure and guaranteed, the new model of water heater Jump Ready to Pose is ideal for the home. Its capacity of 150, 200 or 300 liters allows you to have hot water for the whole family. For easy installation, all accessories are delivered assembled and adjusted for you! Expert Frédéric Delaitre, Sauter Commercial Director, explains to us how this new generation water heater works. Interview by Lise Lebrun

How long does it take to install the water heater Ready to install ?

In general an electric water heater requires a long installation (about 2 to 3 hours) and more or less complex. You must carry out all of the steps listed below: 1. choose the location of the water heater 2. choose the fasteners suitable for your wall (dowels and screws that can support the weight of the full water heater, i.e. almost 260 kg for 200 L). 3. mark the fixing points using the installation template (if provided) 4. drill the wall 5. apply the fixings (mechanical fixing or chemical sealing) and if necessary allow to dry 6. hang the water heater on the fixing points 7. install the safety group 8. connect the cold water supply to the water heater 9. install the temperature limiter 10. connect the hot water outlet 11. install the siphon 12. connect the siphon in the sewers 13. check the tightness of the mounted accessories (see points: 7-9-11) 14. fill the water heater 15. electrically connect the device (wires: phase, neutral and earth) In the case of Ready to Pose Jump handling is simplified. Allow about 1 hour to install. The choice of Ready to install Exempts you from steps 7-9-11 and 13 mentioned above. Indeed, this water heater is all in one, with the essential equipment already installed:
security group
temperature limiter and cut-off valve
dielectric insulation

Concretely, what should I install? What tools will I need

For the purposes of installing the Ready to Pose Jump you will need an adjustable wrench in the open position> 30 mm, a flat screwdriver 3x0.5 mm and 2 fiber joints diameter 20/27.

If I install the water heater myself, will I save money?

Thanks to Ready to Pose Jump , you will save on installation because you will save time and simplicity. You will save the cost of an installer. You will also save on use because you will benefit from one more shower per day (water stored at 70 ° C, which allows to offer more hot water than another water heater with equivalent capacity) . In addition, the electronic thermostat of the ACI (Anti Corrosion Integral) system prevents you from any temperature fluctuation (the temperature is 70 ° C over the entire life of the product).

The model Ready to install benefits from the ACI system, can you explain what it is?

Our expertise in electronic ACI technology firstly ensures a long service life, the device resists corrosion and limescale better and longer. In addition, it allows for simplified use and maintenance in complete safety. Thus, the water heater automatically switches off in the absence of water to avoid dry heating. Finally, this system ensures control of energy consumption (approved by NF Electricity Performance Cat. B standard). More information on www.confort-sauter.com and on 0 810 234 567