The essentials to build a long bathroom

The essentials to build a long bathroom

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This is particularly the case for a bathroom arranged lengthwise. Although narrower, it can however be intelligently arranged, so as to offer a chic and practical atmosphere.

A few keys to designing a long bathroom

Used daily, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. In the case where its design was the subject of a certain eccentricity of the architect (or of an adaptation taking into account the arrangement of the other parts of the accommodation), the bathroom in length does not always make the unanimously. An intelligent arrangement, however, allows this particularity to be corrected, on the contrary, enhancing this atypical side. The idea is to arrange the space so as to make the most of it, for example by opting for a walk-in shower or by placing all the furniture on the same side.

An impression of space thanks to the light

To create a space effect, it is essential to emphasize the light. In the event that your bathroom does not benefit from the presence of a window, it is important to multiply the light sources such as: - Suspensions - Wall lights - Spotlights

The mirror: an ally of choice to visually enlarge the bathroom

What works in the living rooms also applies in the bathroom. It is recommended to install a large mirror in order to create an illusion of space. We will also suggest installing several small mirrors to reflect the room and create a nice impression of volume.

Other tips for and advice

The choice of light shades is highly recommended, especially the longer walls. It is however interesting to color the smallest walls with a darker shade to create a beautiful visual contrast and thus balance all of the volumes. In terms of furniture, we prefer shallow furniture and arranged on the same side. The choice of hanging or overhead furniture is also an interesting idea. Playing with height is a very effective decoration tip. Finally, we will take care to dress all the surfaces (walls and floor) with the same coating, in order to unify the space by removing the boundaries. In terms of the layout itself, here are some suggestions for equipment and bathroom furniture: - A walk-in shower occupying the width, at the bottom of the room - A low wall supporting a sink - A catcher shower tray - Sliding door


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