Newmat stretch ceilings

Newmat stretch ceilings

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Newmat widens its range of stretch ceilings once again with a series of new original collections, specially designed by stylist Dominique Fremaux and habitat specialist David Mangin.

"Sweet dreams… on the ceiling" designed by Dominique Fremaux

Under the pencil lines of the textile stylist, 8 collections were born and are as many universes imbued with sweetness, tranquility and indulgence. The Kids collection features childlike characters: aliens and fairies. Paradise, Prairies, Pollen, Eden and Délice are adorned with zen and enchanting patterns: flowers, butterflies and other shapes while Mosaic focuses on geometric patterns. Finally @ auto @ games: 12916 Flower @ jvfr Power signs the return of the big flowers of the 70s.

"Weightless" designed by David Mangin

Director of a style office, David Mangin imagined 3 collections with aerial influences. Nature celebrates the vegetation with branches of cherry or bamboo while Glam Chic pays tribute to the lex @ auto @ culture: pop: Pop with flowers and languid silhouettes. Finally Rosace draws its inspiration from Haussmanian interiors and imitates stained glass for a meticulous decoration. > More info on


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