8 new models of ethanol fireplaces

8 new models of ethanol fireplaces

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No flue, no smoke, no smell, no soot, no ash… Ethanol makes it possible to recreate a warm atmosphere around the flames for a decorative effect guaranteed without the drawbacks of a wood fire… but also without sound heating power! Since June 2009, standard NF D 35-386 has finally protected the general public from these nomadic products. Here is a selection of 9 new secure models. The most elegant Mozart de Alfra is the latest in the range of this precursor to the ethanol fireplace. Ultra-design, this model is dressed in noble materials such as stainless steel and walnut. It has a flame length of 45 cm and has an ignition protection system. No contact will be possible between the user and the fuel thanks to the use of a long lighter and an automatic flexible tube. The most design Burn Out by Brisach was born from the fertile imagination of designer Cédric Ragot. Inspired by nature, its shapes are reminiscent of petals, conchs ... flames. All Brisach ethanol models are equipped with an injection system, automatic locking, an end of filling indicator and also in particular an automatic stove shutdown for optimal comfort and safety.The trendiest Urban legend of Imagine Flam 'is a Philippe Sidelsky creation that does not lack pep! Frame in red epoxy and recycled aluminum cans, this model will wake up your decor! To switch it on, off and manage its parameters, its fireplace has an electronic system managed by remote control. In addition, to adapt the look of your fireplace to your desires, its frame is removable and interchangeable. The most round Always at the forefront of design, Alfra offers Dune, a sleek and round model. It will fit into resolutely trendy or contemporary spaces and on the color side, you will be spoiled for choice with more than 210 shades available! The most adaptable The manufacturer Cheminées de Chazelles presented at the 2009 Paris Fair its brand new ethanol burner. Very practical, this system adapts to all open fireplaces. It therefore makes it possible to revive an unused fireplace by recreating the play of flames. Please note, in the name of safety and simplicity of use, pre-conditioning refills are provided to avoid the transfer of ethanol as well as a crackling and parental control function.The most chic Zeta by Ecosmartfire combines wood, leather and stainless steel. Very flexible, this model rests on a pivoting chrome base. It is available in a wide range of contemporary colors, in brown or sand tones. The most sober Whether hanging on the wall or simply placed on the floor, Dual Neoflame by Synensys is customizable with a large number of interchangeable decorative facades. It is easy to use and has active control systems: temperature and CO2 / CO detectors, electronic control for locking the fuel flap, switching on and off, safe filling tank, etc. Please note, this model is on sale at Carrefour. The most aerial Zéphyr de Brisach was born from the imagination of Salim Haïdar. We like the ethereal design of this ethanol stove, suspended between floor and ceiling thanks to a thin steel rod, which also allows a 360 ° rotation: wherever you are in the room, you can appreciate the fire show!


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