My perfect aperitif: the slow inspirations of La Délicate Parenthèse

My perfect aperitif: the slow inspirations of La Délicate Parenthèse

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This week Andréa from La délicate parenthèse shares all her secrets for a perfect aperitif decoration ... My perfect aperitif? It is especially a time when the "Slow" is in the spotlight, it is taking time to rest, in a soothing place.
It is an aperitif in the form of a picnic, in communion with nature or with the urban landscape, but simply far from the desire to rush. It is creating your own moment, letting it run, and living this simple happiness.

Find a place and make it your home

In my eyes a picnic has no meaning, and not the same flavor if the place is not suitable. Whether it is in the countryside, in the back of our car in the heart of the forest, on the edge of the Seine, in a field of poppies ... only one thing, this moment must resemble you, be wild, poetic and off the beaten track. So we obviously get away from the picnic tables of rest air… and we get down on the ground, we lie down, we sit on a log, we show ingenuity and unusual choices . To make this moment a perfect aperitif.

We accumulate XXL cushions and beanbags

A time when you take the time is often a welcoming moment, a place in which you want to settle and not move, to curl up forever. This feeling is of course conveyed by accumulations of textiles and cushions strewn on the floor. Large cushions, plaids, vintage furniture and wooden cases to improvise this aperitif picnic in the heart of nature in a resolutely bohemian spirit.
H2On we play Up'cycling thoroughly, by diverting wooden crates Indeed the crates serving at the same time practical elements for the logistics of a picnic but, once on site can become elements in their own right decoration. For that do not hesitate to multiply them, to arrange them on the ground so as to make a pretty bohemian encampment.

We opt for linen, textile floor

To respond once again to this desire for "Slow" and calm, but also in order to infuse this aperitif with a rural spirit. We choose textiles embodying this idea, such as linen or burlap. In a cloth tinted in a natural way following many DIY… to find on the blog, in tablecloth, or let's be crazy in a light, summer dress.

Dried and grassy flowers for a perfect aperitif

For a rustic and delicate effect until the end of the picnic, do not hesitate to decorate our aperitif table with some flowers and grasses, picked here and there, in the natural setting that surrounds us. Then why not improvise as a designer by diverting the DIY techniques seen on the blog, to make a floral wreath in order to give the final touch to our look for a perfect aperitif.

Punctuate this moment with a few wicker baskets

To compose a universe in a bohemian chic spirit, beyond the up-cycling of crates, why not accompany them with a few baskets to alternate visually. Then to be able to leave with our nice bouquet of flowers and grasses.

We play shades of natural shades

And finally, for this aperitif to be aesthetically united and perfect, do not hesitate to choose neutral and natural shades, blending completely into nature to become one. So that this convivial moment is calm, be it in the atmosphere but also visually, we do not hesitate to choose beige, cream and nude colors, and punctuate with a few terra cotta shades. But in any case, the main thing will be that this moment looks like you, or your image, whatever, the colors, the materials and the recipes. The most important thing will ultimately be to be surrounded by your loved ones, to share an authentic, friendly and unique moment. May this parenthesis resonate in you as a moment which echoes your values, which has a real meaning, far from the superfluous.
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