Chewable Christmas decorations

Chewable Christmas decorations

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This year we place Christmas under the sign of gluttony: the decorations of the tree and the table become edible. No need to put them away after the holidays, you just have to taste them! Christmas is the privileged period for the taste buds: new years, festive snacks ... everything is an excuse to eat chocolate and other Christmas specialties. So why not decorate the house with things we could eat when we feel like it? Arnaud Delmontel, a Parisian pastry chef, has created a garland of transparent balls for the gourmets in which he has placed colorful macaroons. So at the slightest peck, just open a ball and taste the contents. And for an equally gourmet table he also made a macaroon tree and others in financier or brioche. We will hang on the tree other sweets that we will find at The Grande Epicerie de Paris : gingerbread bears, Fauchon Christmas balls, sugared almond boxes and small bags to fill with chocolates to have a gourmet Christmas! And to make your own Christmas pastries, Christmas sweets by Nicole Renand (First Editions) offers 50 recipes typical of this holiday season that will delight your guests. Braided brioche, wind rose, Christmas star, log and gingerbread… will have no more secrets for you! Arnaud Delmontel www.arnaud-delmontel.com La Grande Epicerie de Paris www.lagrandeepicerie.fr First Editions www.editionsfirst.fr


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