The ergonomic pillow for good neck support

The ergonomic pillow for good neck support

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The quality of sleep is largely influenced by the position of the body and in particular of the spine! Migraines, muscle pain and insomnia can be the consequences of a bad position during the night. An ergonomic pillow is the first step towards better quality of sleep. In the beginning, the ergonomic pillow was intended for people suffering from the back. Growing success, it is now used by an increasing number of sleepers. The ergonomic or anatomical pillow can be made up of various foams. Viscoelastic foam (memory foam), latex or synthetic foam, each material brings different qualities. The foam visco elastic thanks to the effect of heat takes the shape of the head and neck thus being totally suitable for the sleeper. The latex , particularly used in the medical field, provides cervical support. Finally the synthetic foam is firmer than a classic down pillow. Then come various options such as the organic or anti mite pillow. What to provide your neck with the 5 stars of the pillow!


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