Tendance Perso personalizes your Japanese panels

Tendance Perso personalizes your Japanese panels

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Tendance Perso revolutionizes the Japanese panel and offers to print your photos on it. Ideal for dressing a window, separating spaces or just closing a storage unit, the Japanese panel is more decorative than ever! Create a separation of space or dress your windows with Japanese panels printed with your photos. Tendance Perso offers Japanese panels in pure cotton tarpaulin on which you can choose to apply photos of different sizes or cut a single photo on several panels. For total customization, you can even add text. Japanese panels are available in two sizes (45x220 cm or 60x220 cm). They are fixed by hook-and-loop strips on rails to be installed on the ceiling or on the wall, which you can find at Ikea for example. From 39 euros the panel> More info on


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