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Successful aperitif

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This summer, Pinterest and cuisineaz are joining forces with Dé to make your aperitifs exceptional! Do it full of decorating tips and advice to receive your friends and for the party to be even more perfect try to win a voucher of € 500 at Alice Garden and your aperitif kit (see below article).

1-Theme your evening

For an improvised aperitif, prefer easy-to-decline themes, such as "bistro" "under the woods", "seaside". And to avoid breaking the bank, take a walk for example to bring back branches, moss, wild flowers, shells and take advantage of your finds to decorate your table and your room. To be on top of the trend, opt for an aperitif on the theme "bohemian" or "tropical".

2- Be well installed

No need to clutter up with chairs. Place a few beanbags, cushions, chair pads, etc. all around the coffee table. Above all, do not hesitate to place them in profusion, it will be pleasant at the end of the evening to relax while lying down.

3- decorate your table

For the Mix & Match side, colors and shapes meet and come together to create harmonies as unique as ephemeral. Disassemble crockery without complex. Choose a theme where flowers and other plants are in the spotlight. Ivy, cactus, eucalyptus take place in the center of the table. To avoid breaking the bank, recycle glass bottles and jars to accommodate small country bouquets.

4- Light up your decor

To successfully create a soft and subdued atmosphere without breaking the bank, the light garland is the ideal solution. Design and graphic, it recharges with solar energy or plugs into a simple socket, structures the space and gives a little festive air to your balcony. In white cotton balls, it fits into all styles and adorns a wall section day and night. In a colorful version, it seduces lovers of taverns and makes you want to stay on the balcony until the end of the night. But nothing prevents you from putting several garlands to multiply the light effects!
For an even more magical atmosphere, add lanterns and candle holders of different sizes arranged at the four corners of the balcony, without being afraid to put too much! Certainly, it will take you longer to illuminate it than by pressing a simple switch, but this lighting time also participates in a soothing ritual, which makes it possible to make the transition between day and night. And admiring a candlelit balcony, we say that the game is well worth the effort!

5- Take advantage

And to spend even more fabulous moments, try to win a Alice's Garden voucher of 500 € and your aperitif kit for 6 people by clicking below: contest over


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