Vegetable effect wallpapers

Vegetable effect wallpapers

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The veins of wood or leaves are found on the walls thanks to the wallpaper. We knew patterns inspired by nature like the leaves of trees or flowers, but manufacturers go further by offering wallpapers inspired by plant textures. These creations are now possible thanks to technological innovation, explains Nathalie Parat, product manager for Heytens wallpapers. The vinyl on non-woven wallpaper lets give free rein to the imagination. The colors can be mat, shiny or satin. The patterns drawn by laser benefit from high precision. Sequins or rhinestones can even be added, all you have to do is create relief and the wallpaper with a vegetable effect becomes more real than life! For style, these wallpapers are suitable in a natural atmosphere but not only. Some of these wallpapers offer an cozy and chic which goes perfectly with large leather armchairs and wooden furniture for example. As for the pieces, these wallpapers, as you can imagine, naturally find their place in the living room . Be careful not to choose too dark shades. The entrance is also a good place for the most original wallpapers. Finally, these non-woven wallpapers are very easy to install sinceit is not necessary to glue the strips . The special non-woven glue is applied directly to the walls, it suffices then to affix the precut strips.


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