Custom lampshades to personalize lamps

Custom lampshades to personalize lamps

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Increasingly rare, custom-made lampshades make it possible to determine their shape, their material and their size among others. Tailor-made lampshades are particularly appreciated for dressing old lamp bases which no longer find their ideal companion in standardized signs. Here is a quick overview of everything that can be personalized in a custom lampshade. First element to be determined: color and possible patterns . The variety of choices is more important than for classic lampshades. Plain, striped, patterned, anything is possible. To choose in harmony with the lamp base. The shapes of custom shades are very variable . The best known and most popular are cylindrical shades or " drums "as well as the lampshades conical whose slope varies at will or the lampshades square . But there is actually a wide variety of lampshades that have their origins from different eras and from various geographic areas. The Pagoda lampshade, for example, reminds us of Southeast Asia. The Alsatian lampshade is obviously inspired by this French region. Other less known and equally original forms exist such as oval lampshades, squares (with neck, Spanish, or flat), domes, hexagonal lampshades, Empire forms, Tulip forms ... size of the lampshade must be chosen according to the lamp base. For a narrow lamp base, a small lampshade is most suitable. Likewise for a large ball-shaped foot for example, it will harmonize at best with a large lampshade. The key is to respect the proportions . To note that the displayed dimensions of a lampshade are always those of the base . A narrow lamp base for example will go well with a lampshade 25 cm in diameter. For a 30cm high ball lamp base model, choose a lampshade approximately 40cm in diameter. Regarding the materials in which the lampshades are made, the cotton is most often requested. But there are also synthetic materials, silk or even cardboard or jeans… headbands which finish the lampshade are also customizable, to be determined in accordance with the colors of the lampshade. Finally for the technical side, it remains to choose the fasteners . Two models of rings exist: the E27 (for standard socket, 40mm hole) and the E14 (for small screw socket or for old brass bayonet sockets, 27mm hole). As for mounting, it can be done in lyre (fixing at the top of the lampshade) or in rail (lampshade placed on a reflector) for old lamps, in flame clamp for wall lights. Prices are very variable depending on the lampshades. At Matin Soir, count around 75 euros for a medium-sized lampshade. To find the lampshade of your dreams, several sites offer multiple models on the internet. Without forgetting the shops whose specialists can guide you in your choices. And if you have the soul of a handyman, it is always possible to make your own shade . Buy a lampshade carcass, kraft paper, fabric, all the cutting material and glue and get started! On the Internet: Morning Evening Lampshade of the Mill Atelier du chat qui vigil In shops: Weekend 27 avenue de Breteuil 75007 Paris Watch cat workshop 3 rue des Templiers 16130 Gente The Columbine 18 rue de la Sourdière 75001 Paris


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