Door socks to protect from the cold

Door socks to protect from the cold

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Door flanges: accessories with multiple qualities

We are not going to lie: the door flange is not the most glam accessory or decorative element that you can buy for a house or an apartment. And yet it can be very useful! Indeed, this small accessory whose role and occupy the space that can exist between a door bottom and the ground can save you a lot of inconvenience, insofar as it allows:

  • Prevent cold drafts that can come from outside and infiltrate under the door cabinet;
  • But also to isolate from noise, which is very practical if you live in a residence with several apartments on the same landing.
  • Protect your entrance from dust and / or raindrops that can slip under the door when it faces the street or an exterior.

What material (s) for a door flange?

It might not seem like that, but the universe of door struts is rather vast, and this accessory offers a fairly wide choice in terms of materials, since we can find in the trade of door strands:

  • Polyester (in around 90% of cases);
  • In polyester stuffed with wool or cotton;
  • In linen.
  • In ramie.

For more hygiene, some models have a removable cover which can be machine washed and can therefore be washed. The rest are dry cleaners.

The selection criteria for a door flange

Here are the different parameters to take into account to choose the door flange adapted to your needs:

  • The door flange size, which must of course be adapted to that of your door. Or, for the best, exceed a little on each side of the bottom of the door for maximum insulation and protection. Knowing that most models display dimensions from 80 cm to 1 meter in length. The thickness varies from 12 to 15 cm approximately and up to 30 cm for some models.
  • The door flange fixing : if some models are simply placed on the floor, others can be attached to the bottom of the door and others can be positioned as seals for optimal adhesion.
  • The door flange shape : either simple and therefore only marry the side of the door on which it is placed, or double and also marry the other side (for better insulating capacities).
  • The door flange life, which depends directly on its material.
  • Theaesthetics of the door flange : logical, because after all it is an accessory that you will see every day as soon as you enter and leave your home. As such, the universe of the door flange has greatly evolved in recent years, and style side, the choice is vast! You will find family home atmosphere models, rather sober in taupe, beige or gray tones. Contemporary models sport bright colors like fuchsia pink or yellow. Even more fun, some low door socks are made of small fluff stuck together, to be placed in front of a child's room for example. As for the motifs, the bayadères are very present, as well as the representations of animals, flowers, motifs of ethnic inspiration… It is also possible to have a sausage at the bottom of the door personalized.