Checkers in the decor

Checkers in the decor

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You don't have to be playful to be attracted by the checkerboard pattern in the decor. Far from being monotonous, the checkerboard pattern has more than one trick in its bag and it takes little to change its style and suit very different interiors. Here is a selection of decorative objects to convince you that the checkerboard pattern is not that square.

Male version

Speed ​​and thrill seekers have a special relationship with the checkerboard pattern. For them, it necessarily symbolizes the famous flag of the finish of a car race. In decoration, it can energize a room and announce the color even if the tiles are black and white. We spotted the bar counter at € 475 at Docteur Discount as well as the check-out sofa bed from So Factory (€ 99).

Graphical version

The checkerboard pattern made up of squares can also play on a graphic mode. He was inspired by the seventies decor who likes to play on the visual effect of forms like on the Damier collection by Athezza: between squares and cubes, these porcelain cups and pots make this motif very design. We can also play on the volume by shifting the squares relative to each other. This is the case for example with the checkerboard trivet from Beldeko (€ 12.60).

Soft version

Leaving dark shades, the checkerboard pattern takes on a whole new look. Match it with bright or pastel colors and it becomes very soft and innocent as confirmed by Lilipouce children's rugs (109 €). Finally, the red Checkerboard collection by Comptoir de Famille demonstrates that the checkerboard pattern can be inspired by the country style, provided it is red and white.