Give a romantic style to the living room for 350 euros

Give a romantic style to the living room for 350 euros

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You can create a cozy space in your living room to express all your femininity thanks to the romantic style. With 350 euros, this style is at hand. Just follow these tips.

The colors of the romantic style

Forget the preconceived ideas: who says romanticism does not necessarily say excessively pink. The romantic style draws its inspiration rather from all the soft tints and colors because we want above all to express a certain elegance. So opt for natural colors such as taupe, glossy brown, gray, beige or lichen green. If you prefer patterns, flowers are an integral part of the romantic style but still be reasonable. Combine for example taupe curtains (€ 18.90 at Cozy For You) with a pale pink floral carpet like the one offered by La Redoute (€ 99.90).

Classic lines

Romanticism was born in Germany in the 18th century and it is therefore no coincidence that in decoration, the romantic style displays a clear preference for the Louis XV style. Shepherdesses and convertibles are therefore ideal for a romantic style lounge. At So Factory, the fabric convertible armchair costs only € 119. At his side, we add a small baroque side table (for example, the Venezia table at Miliboo at 119 €) and voila!

Accessories for a romantic atmosphere

To finalize the style, we do not skimp on everything that brings a touch of femininity. Some cushions on the sofa like those offered by AM PM embroidered in linen (25 €) and candles which will bring a soft and warm light. We love, for example, the scented candles from Bougies La Française with the delicate peony fragrance (€ 25.90).


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