Which carpet to choose?

Which carpet to choose?

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Choosing a carpet is not so simple when it comes to meeting aesthetic criteria but also comfort and maintenance. This is what you need to know to choose the right carpet.

Natural or synthetic carpet?

By natural fibers , we mainly mean wool. This offers qualities of warmth, comfort and durability. It is also an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. In addition, it is antistatic and resists fire well. Finally, wool keeps its colors and its new aspect for a long time. Synthetic fibers s, for their part, are made from polypropylene, polyamide or polyester. The finer the wire used, the easier it returns to its original shape after crushing. Synthetic fibers resist wear well and are easy to care for. On the other hand, they offer poorer resilience than wool, which means that heavy objects and furniture tend to score. Polyamide is more resistant to crushing and discoloration than polypropylene. As for polyester, more fragile than the other two, is used in bedrooms and bathrooms, mixed with polyamide. Natural and synthetic fibers do not hesitate to mix to take advantage of the advantages of each of them.

Velvet, loop pile, structured carpet…

Several carpet finishes are available to you: - Loop pile carpet : the carpet fibers are attached directly to the backrest, giving an appearance of continuous curls. Loop pile carpets are more resistant to wear than others. - Cut-look carpet : the curls are cut then shaved to obtain a smooth surface, as well as a softer appearance and touch. It is called velvet carpet. - Saxony carpet : it is a cut velvet made with a plied yarn of medium size, which gives it a mixed appearance. - Curly carpet : it is a fairly thick cut velvet whose threads are crimped to create a surface effect. - Structured carpet : she mixes cut and looped threads, creating relief patterns.


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