Cheap chair covers for a new decor

Cheap chair covers for a new decor

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Chair covers for a classic decor

By choosing simple and elegant fabric covers, your dining room will take on a classic look for a 100% chic atmosphere. To stay in the classic chic, be sure to favor:

  • Fairly neutral colors, such as white, beige, linen or gray. Natural and soft, they will harmonize easily with the rest of your furniture, especially if you have a nice wooden table.
  • Chair covers made of fairly thick cotton (the grammage is always indicated on the label in g / m², knowing that the higher it is, the thicker the fabric ... and therefore resistant!).

Chair covers for a charming style

If you want to change the look of your dining room to create a charming atmosphere conducive to romance, you can once again count on chair covers to help you ! For this, you will opt for chair covers a little more worked than for a classic look.
Always choose quality chair covers made of heavy and resistant cotton, but rather than opting for classic and traditional models, prefer chair covers with special finishes. For example :

  • Chair covers with a knot in the back to feminize the chair;
  • Chair covers with a cuff at the top of the back for a touch of originality;
  • Embroidered chair covers to bring warmth and conviviality to your interior;
  • Chair covers "with skirt" which fully cover the chair;
  • Patterned chair covers: stripes, polka dots, classic prints (cashmere, etc.) or more original (cupcakes, baroque patterns, etc.)…

Staggered chair covers

Finally, be aware that if you want to create an original decor in your dining room, you can also offer models of fun chair covers and offbeat which, in addition to protecting your furniture, will be an integral part of the decor!
To do this, you can start by choosing chair covers in bright and trendy colors, and mismatch them around your table to boost the visual rendering.

You can also opt for patterned chair covers trompe l'oeil: thus, your classic chair can transform into a school chair and vice versa! In the series of funny chair covers, you can also find very nice thematic models, such as "cinema" chair covers with flap on the back, "tropical" chair covers with parrots and jungle, etc.

Cheap chair covers, is it possible?

Good news: buying covers for your chairs is a perfect little tip when you want to change the decor in your dining room, but you don't necessarily have an XXL decor budget! Indeed, you can find in the trade of cheap chair covers : the stretchy polyester models (an elastic fabric) that adapt to all chairs can be found from only € 5-6.

And even if you prefer cotton models (which still make more worked and more qualitative), you can quite find cheap and quality chair covers from 10-15 €!


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