What is ecological furniture?

What is ecological furniture?

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Have you heard of ecological furniture without really knowing what it is? takes stock of this furniture which makes respect for the environment a key value in its design. Explanations.

Recycled furniture

In the eco furniture category, you will find many recycled models. This means that the furniture you see is made from a material that had a first life upstream. Recycling avoids waste and offers objects that have less impact on the environment. Among these pieces of furniture, you will find seats made from barrels recovered from industry, storage baskets made using plastic bottles or armchairs made from recycled cardboard. Almost everything is possible!

Furniture from sustainably managed forests

If you opt for wooden furniture, to be ecological, it must come from sustainably managed forests, that is to say that its exploitation does not contribute to deforestation but that the exploitation is considered. On the other hand, be aware that the closer the forests are to the factory and the point of sale, the more this limits pollution linked to transport. It is in particular for this reason that consuming products made in France is more responsible.

Furniture from an ecological manufacturing process

Finally, be aware that some companies integrate an environmentally friendly manufacturing process when creating furniture. This involves local producers, a reduction in the production chain or even a rational use of water and chemicals. There are even companies that run on green energy or use their energy to participate in the production of electricity.