10 welcome mats from € 18

10 welcome mats from € 18

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Be careful with the choice of your doormat, because it is the first thing that we will see when arriving home. Plain or printed, in plastic or coconut fiber, there are models for all entrances and all doors. Dare to be original and send messages to your friends via your doormat! "Hello / goodbye", "Heart to take", "Non-smoking area", "House of happiness" ... you will find really surprising and humorous models. Know that this essential accessory is within the reach of all budgets, from 10 €. In terms of material, the coconut models have multiple versions: plain or variegated, rectangular, half-moon or even heart-shaped! Be careful however, these doormats lose their hair quite quickly. For more longevity, think of the doormats made of synthetic material. Solid, they are found in different sizes, but their look is much less varied.


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