Practical and fun mini barbecues

Practical and fun mini barbecues

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Three years after the launch of the Smokey Joe transportable mini barbecue at Weber, the mini barbecue is flourishing in many stores… most of them for a price far below 100 euros! Lightweight, with a handle and a simple grid for cooking food, their practical side is as attractive as their decorative side . Because the decorative side is widely put forward for these small barbecues. Traditionally sold by specialists, they are found today at decoration stores like Amadeus, Bodum or Eurodif for example. Round, rectangular or bucket-shaped , mini barbecues take various and sometimes unusual forms. The colors are diverse. We thus find apple green, orange, red, turquoise, white, black … Most of these little barbecues run on coal because it is their practical side that is emphasized more than the technicality. Finally, the majority of mini barbecues cost between 20 and 50 euros. Articles & Photos around barbecues: Photos of barbecue: our favorites, What type of barbecue to choose?, Maintain your barbecue.


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