NF Maison Rénovée, a certification for renovation

NF Maison Rénovée, a certification for renovation

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We can now renovate our house with the assurance of obtaining ambitious energy performance thanks to the NF Maison Rénovée certification. A label that supports the new environmental challenges of the building market.

Why an NF Maison Rénovée certification?

Renovating the existing housing stock to achieve environmental objectives represents an important challenge on the renovation market. In addition, individuals increasingly need reliable benchmarks to identify the right contacts and be guided in their efforts. As for professionals, they must be able to stand out and demonstrate their ability to meet new expectations in terms of renovation. NF Maison Rénovée is the ideal answer to this double problem. This certification can be issued in association with the HQE approach option to attest to the conformity of the renovated house with the 14 HQE approach targets and with an energy label at two levels: HPE renovation and BBC-effinergie renovation.

What does NF Maison Rénovée certify?

Issued by the certifying body specializing in individual houses Céquami, NF Maison Rénovée is based on three major points: - A project carried out contractually by a recognized professional, taking into account the initial state of the house, the regulations, the commitments of performance, expectations and budget of the individual. - Renovation work managed by a reliable and competent professional who coordinates all trades. - Complementary quality objectives: global, environmental, health and energy quality.

Who can benefit from the NF Maison Rénovée certification?

Several professions can obtain this certification: architects, craftsmen, general contractors, builders, design offices, experts but also individuals who own a detached house in diffuse sectors who wish to carry out renovation, improvement, refurbishment work. standards and enlargement.

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