The botanical trend seduces our interiors

The botanical trend seduces our interiors

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With the botanical trend, the plant world is leaving the garden to find a place indoors. Followers of this new genre take the opportunity to recreate a decoration worthy of a real botanist's laboratory. Herbarium frame, vintage biology poster, collection of cacti, plants under a bell and terrariums… The study of plants has never been so popular! We tell you more about this plant trend.

A trend that feeds on plants

© Madura Plants, we see them everywhere! From our interiors to the trendiest restaurants and shops, plants are a sure bet in decoration. If the exotic and tropical trends highlight a luxuriant flora, the botanical style is more attentive to details. And for good reason, it comes from a scientific discipline: the study of plants. Result? Fascinated by the richness offered by nature, the creators and lovers of decoration give themselves to their heart. Fresh or dried flowers, framed or printed plants ... The plant world is constantly gaining ground and is essential. And we can't resist the temptation to invite him into our interiors…

The power of plants in decoration

© Vibeke Design If the botanical trend appeals to more than one, it is because it allows us to reconnect with nature. With the rise of 'slow consumption', we honor artisanal creations, we honor natural materials and favor a more respectful decoration. And what could be better than plants for sustainable decoration? It is good because they have a significant role in our well-being and that they breathe a breath of freshness into all rooms of the house, that plants and flowers are the trend in decoration. And more than ever, the botanical style invites you to appreciate them in their greatest simplicity. Through a herbarium frame, vintage posters of biology or with a bouquet of dried flowers, we take the time to understand them, admire them and follow their evolution. Finally, it is important to emphasize a point: it is a trend accessible to the greatest number since it does not require a lot of space or a big budget to adopt it. Here are some reasons to try it…

How to get started?

© Boråstapeter via Au fil des couleurs We were talking about the benefits of the botanical trend in our interiors. Now it's time to get started and take it for yourself! Since we are inspired by a scientific practice, the best thing to do to reproduce this decorative style is to imagine a botanist's workshop. Either you play the game to the end by creating a room type 'winter garden' dedicated to your new passion. Either, you adopt the botanical spirit in small touches and this, through one or more room (s) of the house. Anyway, here are some essential elements to create this atmosphere at home: * frames like herbarium for highlight the flowers and leaves of your favorite plants, * botanical posters with the names of the species (in Latin for the vintage side) to find your way around and remember the biology lessons from your childhood, * terrariums to recreate a mini indoor garden and follow its development, * collections of plants of all kinds (cacti and succulents are preferred for those who do not have a green thumb!), * dried flowers in a vase or hanging for the poetic note, * bell plants to give a little mystical air to your decor. For the rest of your decor, simply adopt colors relating to nature such as green and yellow. Don't forget the plant motifs on the linens, decorative items and even the walls with the botanical wallpaper! And to go all the way, do not hesitate to introduce some botanical utensils such as vials, jars, pipettes and magnifying glasses. Everything can be displayed proudly behind the windows of a dresser for example…

For what decorative style?

© HK Living This vegetable trend does not have a decorative style. Whether you like industrial, bohemian, bucolic or rather Scandinavian decoration, the botanical spirit will perfectly match your decoration. In short, it adapts to many types of interior. But, remember one thing, it is perfect for the followers of cabinet of curiosities. It must be said, everything is played out in the staging. A simple terrarium placed on a shelf next to a magnifying glass and a few posters of biologists are enough to give a laboratory air to a room. In any case, opt for diversity by multiplying the varieties of plants (or plant prints!) As you can see, the botanical decor style can be transposed to any interior. With his freedom to act and his quirky side, he gives way to many fantasies. And that's why we love it so much! Not you ?


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