Customize three soliflores

Customize three soliflores

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3 vases, for a single flower, come alive with a colored band in the center. Mix them together for a little farandole of colors on the console in your entrance. The last decorative touch is to decorate them with a flower. And good advice, play on the different heights to add style! Level: easy Completion time : 2:00 Indicative cost: 38.97 euros Necessary material : - 3 transparent glass soliflores = 2.99 euros - 1 adhesive lead tape = 16.50 euros - 1 can of purple stained glass paint = 4.50 euros - 1 can of blue stained glass paint = 4.50 euros - 1 jar of green stained glass paint = 4.50 euros Steps : - Wrap the adhesive lead tape 5 cm from the bottom of the soliflores. - Wrap the second adhesive lead tape 10 cm above the first. - Paint between the two ribbons, the first soliflore in blue, the second in green and the third in purple. - Leave to dry for 8 hours. The most decorative: it is recommended to work in pairs in decoration! For example on a console, 3 vases placed at an equal distance from each other, will give more rhythm to your furniture. Decorative creation: Véronique Rambaldi Thanks to Pébéo


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