8 good plans before selling your property

8 good plans before selling your property

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You want to resell your apartment or your house, but before you launch an assault on agencies, here are some well-advised tips to provoke the long-awaited crush of your future visitors.

1- First refresh the walls

Brightness is one of the main criteria in a search. So bring more clarity and a clean stroke by repainting the walls and ceilings in the same color to avoid all connections. Choose white or off-white, sold in 5-liter jars, in all DIY stores, they are more economical than color paints.

2- Then stay neutral

It is important that visitors can imagine themselves at home while being at home! Avoid overly personalized interiors, posters of your beloved star and prefer neutral frames in light wood.

3- Very important: finish your house!

A well-maintained house is immediately more reassuring ! Hanging wires, faulty electrical installation, dripping taps, a bulb without a chandelier ... could immediately make your future buyer flee. So take your courage in both hands and finish all the little details that have been lying around for several months already!

4- Wash, sort, store

Arrange your interior by starting with a big cleaning. War is declared on mold on the joints, on limestone on the fittings, on fingerprints on the doors ... Then a sorting is essential: give or sell what you no longer use! This sorting will initially optimize your space, and then save time when you move: because there will be less to transport!

5- A more attractive interior

Don't hide, but get ready! Brighten up your kitchen by adding a bouquet of fresh flowers, a clean tablecloth, coordinated tea towels. In the living room, warm the sofa with a few cushions, cover your lamp with a lampshade in the same colors and lay out a large carpet. For the bathroom, adorn it with a new shower curtain, match beautiful towels with a bathroom rug. These small details help to enhance the whole and allow your visitors to better project themselves at home.

6 - The importance of taking beautiful photos

After all these small renovations, you should take a picture of your property. The photos of your interior are the first contact with your future buyers. If the latter move, it is because they have been visually arrested. So facing the camera, there should be no coats lying around, nor dirty dishes on the table and even less open cupboards. In short, everything must be put away! As for the video, it is also a good omen. Closer to reality, it will avoid unnecessary travel.

7 - Otherwise call on the professionals

If you feel lost at the magnitude of the task, you can entrust this mission to home stagers. These sales professionals will bring real added value to your property. And count 1 to 2% of the price for their fees.

8- One last tip

It is best to sell your apartment or house when they are still furnished. More alive, your visitor will be able to see themselves more living at home. So do not be too greedy and set a price that is related to the market from the start, at the risk of dragging the sale. And know that by being proud of your interior, you will also be more convincing and therefore a better seller!