Yellow mimosa is popular in our salons!

Yellow mimosa is popular in our salons!

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Elected color of the year in 2009 by Pantone®, mimosa yellow stays the course in our living rooms in 2010. This beautiful bright color makes our rooms shine while marrying wonderfully with black and having fun with graphic effects. . There are yellows: lemon yellow, straw yellow, golden yellow, saffron yellow, but this year, the yellow color that wins the palm, it is mimosa yellow, color of the flowers of the native tree from the same region as the said palm: the Côte D'Azur. The mimosa acacia dealbata, the most widespread of the mimosa trees on the French Riviera, develops from February small yellow balls with green and honeyed scent. Symbol of the sun of the Mediterranean coast, yellow lights up our living rooms and is balanced in contrast with black, like a "smiley decoration". Best friend also of graphic patterns, mimosa yellow brings a retro signature when married to straight and geometric lines. Discover our selection for a radiant living room!

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The mimosa season has just ended, but if you don't feel it, you can eat it! The site offers organic jellies and sugars straight from the Côte d'Azur, made from mimosa extract. Imagine the sweetness of taste when you know the smell! And in the height of the mimosa season, the site delivers sublime bouquets of mimosas, picked to order, anywhere in France within 24 hours. Box of organic delicacies with mimosa, 15 euros.