Patterned and colored glasses go out in the garden

Patterned and colored glasses go out in the garden

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The beautiful days have arrived and with them, the desire to take advantage of this climate conducive to evenings and other picnics outside. Gone are the days of plastic cups! With friends or with your family, for a formal dinner or an improvised lunch, put some color on your table and take out the big game with your glasses! It's THE summer trend: color! A new living room in its own right, the garden is occupying an increasingly important place in the hearts of the French. Whether you are in the countryside or on a city terrace, dare to color in your decoration and your layout! The little extra that will make the difference, if you bring the color to your table through the glasses! No more pyrex water glass (!) Without much innovation, the manufacturers offer objects imbued with madness and creativity! Whatever the format, color, genre ... Glass becomes an essential decorative accessory that will delight your guests on all occasions. So we take out the tablecloth, the cutlery and above all we don't forget the glasses! And good afternoon under the sun!


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