Our advice for choosing the color of baseboards

Our advice for choosing the color of baseboards

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Here are some tips and rules to follow to choose the right color for your baseboards. You did not imagine it, but these fine strips of wood which separate the ground from the walls play a very important role on the volume of a room according to their colors. And yes !

Depending on the size of your room, the color of the baseboards will not have the same effect

If your floor, tiles, carpet, parquet ... is darker than the color of your walls, (a slate tile or a slate carpet for example with white or ecru walls), know that by painting your baseboards in the same dark color as your floor, this will emphasize the volume of your room and have the effect of bringing the walls together. It is therefore to be avoided if your room is rectangular or small. Conversely, if you paint the baseboards in clear like your walls, you will further enlarge the space. So, depending on the size of your room, the color of the baseboards will not have the same effect.

Skirtings enhanced with a third color

The decorating stylists agree on the number of 3 colors no more for a balanced decor. So if for the moment you have declined your colors in the living room on the binary mode, introduce a third color on the plinths to emphasize the space. You can slice with a brighter color if you have clear walls. And above all, you will think of making a reminder of this color in accessories for decorating the room, cushions, vases or curtains. And precisely, speaking of curtains, why not use this third color to highlight your door or window frames? This will really give relief to your space.


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