Adopt the "Miami Vibes" trend!

Adopt the "Miami Vibes" trend!

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Are you fascinated by Art Deco? Do you like acidulous and vitamin-rich colors? Are you attracted by the wild spirit of tropical style? Then you will love the Miami Vibes trend! And for good reason, it brings together these three decorative influences and offers us a striking trip to the American continent. What does it correspond to and how to adopt this decorative style? We tell you everything to discover the glamorous world of Florida…

Journey to the heart of Florida

© Pixabay The most famous seaside resort on the Southeast coast of the United States, Miami has more than one dream. And for good reason, it gives pride of place to the sweetness of life specific to the American dream. It is not for nothing that it attracts the whole jet set of the country and the four corners of the world. Renowned for its typical pastel facades and emblematic of the Art Deco style of the 1930s, the city of Miami offers an unforgettable journey through time. It must be said, we did not find a better time than the Roaring Twenties to represent freedom of action and American exuberance. It is on Ocean Drive that we find the largest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the United States and in the world. Most were quickly built from the stock market crash of 1929 until the start of the Second World War. In all, there are more than 800 buildings built in this most refined style and today making the reputation of the city. The American Riviera also seduces for its tropical climate. With its blue sky, golden sun, fine sandy beaches and dizzying palm trees, this city is both chic and relaxed. An important point since the tropical atmosphere is an integral part of the Miami Vibes style. And many decorative elements recall the local flora and fauna. Oscillating between town planning, wilderness and ocean as far as the eye can see, the city of Miami is both modern and carefree. Even today, we are inspired by it to create a vitamin and tropical decoration at will!

The Basics of the Miami Vibes

© Maisons du Monde Pastel colors, fine materials, exotic patterns and prints, glamorous furniture, Art Deco style ... Welcome to Florida! Because these are the essential elements of this sunny decor style and an exuberant touch. First rule of thumb: the Miami Vibes style is not what it is if it is not surrounded by greedy and soft shades, favoring a sunny light. Powder pink, turquoise blue, mint green, coral pink, mandarin orange, lemon yellow ... As you can see, soft colors are to be preferred to create an interior like in Florida. To twist these vitamin colors, the Miami Vibes trend dares to fancy all the fantasies with a few touches of gold. Mirrors, suspensions and other decorative objects are adorned with gilding to affirm the elegance of this style. As for the rest of the decoration, it is inspired by the flora and fauna. Parrots, watermelons, flamingos, pineapples, toucans ... All coexist cheerfully to recall the tropical atmosphere of Florida. In the evening, a more electric atmosphere sets in with luminescent neon lights echoing the sky. The signs of hotels and restaurants offer a spectacular light show… So much so that there are even light panels in the interiors of individuals!

How to adopt it at home?

© HK Living We say of the Miami Vibes style that it is a bit kitsch or even bling bling. It is true that he wants to be exuberant. But after all, it's only a question of dosage. As with other decorative styles, you must avoid the total look so as not to risk decorative indigestion! Because, handled with care, it can even turn out to be more chic and elegant than one imagines. We imagine, for example, a living room wall dressed in tropical wallpaper, delicate opaline pendant lights, an armchair with generous and glamorous curves and a golden sun mirror. For the rest, just add a few winks like decorative objects in the shape of pineapples or palm trees for the jungle effect and retro objects like a jukebox for the vintage touch. Put like that, the Miami Vibes style is a perfect blend of Art Deco and the tropical trend! But the difference between the Miami of the Roaring Twenties and that of 2018 is the change of materials! The materials are more noble and the materials more precious. So forget about plastic! Ready to take your home on a journey?


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