A new DIY and gardening platform

A new DIY and gardening platform

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This new platform will delight DIY enthusiasts and lovers of repair and maintenance work. Multifunctional and modular, the Centaure Opti + platform, the ladder and stepladder specialist, is ideal for gardening and DIY. It acts as a platform, simple ladder, wall spreader and stepladder thanks to 4 adjustable positions. A kind of DIY Swiss knife, right? Two platforms of 1.37 m each are adjustable in height, which allows adaptation to demand for trimming hedges in the garden or painting interior ceilings for example. Fully deployed, it turns into a simple ladder adjustable from 2.85 m to 3.38 m for indoor and outdoor work. Supported by wide stabilizers (0.70 m), it offers great stability. To get away from the wall, when you don't want to damage the gutters for example, the top of the ladder folds down very simply. With a telescopic function from 2.27 m to 2.80 m, work can be carried out up to a height of 3.50 m. Finally another possibility, the stepladder position from 1.39 m to 1.65 m which, thanks to the telescopic function, allows use on stairs. Designed entirely in aluminum, it weighs 16.2 kg and is completely foldable, which saves space: it is only 70 cm by 90 cm when folded. Centaure's DIY and gardening platform Opti +, 159 euros, for sale in DIY supermarkets.


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