Versailles invites itself to your home

Versailles invites itself to your home

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You have always dreamed of Sleeping Beauty, fantasize about the furniture of the Palace of Versailles, love everything that shines… Good news! No need to be wealthy like Croesus to acquire furniture or simply… royal objects. Furniture imitating that found in Versailles (dating from the 17th and 18th centuries) is more fashionable than ever. Far from the Rococo image that has long stuck to its skin, the “Versailles touch” in decoration invites itself to us… for the best only! Opt for the revisited Versailles style. Many brands offer very beautiful furniture or objects in flashy colors, made with current materials, but which keep all the spirit and the charm of royal furniture. Even if you are a fan of this style, try not to choose exclusively furniture and objects of the same style. The whole will quickly appear too busy, not frankly harmonious and surely kitsch. Nothing could be more stylish than a convertible armchair in the corner of a contemporary living room or a mirror with moldings above a fireplace on which you will have placed a vase with clean curves, some bamboo branches or an orchid. No need to hunt around and flea markets to find the rare pearl ... at an exorbitant price! Now, most of the major furniture and decoration brands are developing collections inspired by the 17th and 18th centuries at very attractive prices. Choosing to integrate such pieces into your decor is a nice nod to the king's talented artisans, but above all it is the assurance of personalizing your interior with great taste. Conquered by this royal French style? Here is a selection of chic and affordable objects that will not leave you unmoved.


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