The decor trends that will hit the headlines

The decor trends that will hit the headlines

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Natural materials: we are rediscovering caning

Prepare yourself, you will see it everywhere. Caning is this frankly retro weaving technique alternating cross-braces and holes, often made of rattan, which therefore responds to two star trends: natural materials and the retro spirit. Result, the cane chairs vintage tear themselves away at a flea market and designers reinvent it in a modern version on trendy furniture. We will simply have to choose a camp for the start of the school year.

Because there is not only caning in life, natural materials remain at the head of the back-to-school trends, whether it is wood, rattan, wicker, seagrass or jute, flax or straw. As long as they display a pretty blond hue and a slightly rustic look, we go for it, in carpets as in suspension, for furniture and flooring. And among them, the famous rattan armchair Emmanuelle is about to become THE trendy room to have at home again.

Panoramic wallpaper and arty frames: we boost the wall decor

Ultra-trendy and ultra-design, the panoramic wallpaper is an XXL decorative panel to be affixed on a whole section of wall like a mural. Small budget or high-end, arty watercolor version or photographic trompe-l'oeil, at the start of the school year, we dare everything, it works every time!

Another unavoidable trend at the start of the school year, frame compositions, a simple and inexpensive tip to boost an empty wall! We accumulate five or six different frames in graphic composition on the wall, framing photos, illustrations or inspirational quotes. And to avoid decorative faux pas, we choose them in varied but refined sizes, minimalist sticks in black, bench or light wood.

Showcase and pegboard: we expose our passions

On the one hand, the inevitable return of display cabinets, led by the Swedish giant. They are found in a vintage version with old-fashioned country house furniture, combining glass and wood, or revisited with an industrial look combining glass and metal. And we store dishes, collections, books or even children's jewelry and toys.

On the other hand, the ubiquity of the peg board again this year, pegboard hanging on the wall on which to accumulate magnets, hooks or mini shelves to store everything! Usually reserved for DIY tools in the garage, it now squats the walls of all rooms. We hang plants in the living room, scissors in the office, photos in the bedroom or spatulas in the kitchen!

Round shapes: we soften the decor

If the industrial spirit with clean lines is still there, the real trend of the start of the school year is the round. Furniture, decorative objects, shelves and mirrors, angles and edges, everything is rounded, polished, curved, rolled up ... And we say all the better, since we did not find more effective for a cozy atmosphere, all round coffee table up to the snail shelf, from the ball vase to the designer pendant light.

Scandicraft and japandi: we dare trendy styles

They were timidly discovered at the start of the year. Back to school, it's time to adopt them! The new 2019 trends have definitely proven themselves, starting with the style japandi, mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian style. Minimalism, functionality, craftsmanship and dark colors, this is the recipe for decoration that makes you zen to face back to school.

The scandicraft style, he continues to squat the decorative inspirations. Inevitably, since it renews the Scandinavian spirit with more gentleness: more round shapes, more raw materials, less design and more natural, minimalism but more colors. A warmer version, in short, which will warm up the interior design at the start of the school year!