A baroque mirror for a trendy decor

A baroque mirror for a trendy decor

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The origins of the Baroque style

Baroque style comes straight from Italy. It finds its source between the XVIth and the XVIIth century, in different cities like Rome or Florence.

Baroque comes from the term "barroco" meaning "irregular stone".

Originally, it was an artistic movement which aimed to revisit the classic style, but in excess. Painting, architecture… and interior decoration: all these artistic fields are representative of the Baroque style.

When it was created, the Baroque style was representative of the "power" of the owner of the house. The more powerful you were, the more the interior of the house should reflect it.

This style of decoration is characterized by a very particular aspect. Opulence of materials, extravagant curves, abundance of colors. Difficult to adopt the baroque style while having a sober decoration. Lovers of minimalist, go your way!

Perfect for adopting the Baroque style without going overboard

You want to adopt baroque style but are you afraid of going overboard? install a baroque mirror in your interior!

It is the easiest piece to integrate into an existing decoration. The baroque mirror adapts to both an industrial and Scandinavian style interior. You can also associate it with an interior of art deco inspiration, if you want a decoration full of personality.

One of the best ways to find pretty Baroque mirrors is to "hunt around" for them. This allows you to find 19th century models, which are somewhat old copies that will bring a vintage note to your interior.

When it comes to size, you are spoiled for choice. The baroque mirror exists in different formats. In small model (to be installed on a wall of frames or by creating a wall of mirrors), in large, hanging on the wall or posed. Rounded or rectangular: you choose according to your tastes or the place you have to install it!

A baroque mirror in a living room

The baroque mirror is particularly suitable for the living room. If you have an interior of Haussmanian inspiration or if you live in the old one, this is perfect. If you have moldings on the ceiling, the curves of the baroque mirrors will make a reminder.

install your baroque mirror above a fireplace. A large mirror allows the light to be reflected. In a classic interior, with a minimalist decoration, the baroque mirror becomes the central part of your decoration. Like a painting, he dresses a section of wall.

A baroque mirror in the bedroom

Fancy a romantic decoration for your bedroom? The baroque mirror is particularly suitable for this type of atmosphere. A white frame offers a softer rendering than a golden frame. The latter may however be suitable for a dimly lit room, in order to give it radiance.

By adopting an oval baroque mirror, you can create a "dressing table" corner with a small desk or a console. You just need to place the mirror on the piece of furniture, or to hang it just above, at a perfect height so that you can make up or do your hair every morning.

The baroque mirror can also take the shape of a psyche in the bedroom. It is perfect if you are used to looking at yourself from head to toe in the mirror before you leave home.

Finally, to enlarge the room, you can also install a large baroque mirror on the wall facing the window. The incoming light will reflect on it, offering you a bright bedroom in summer and winter.

A baroque mirror in the bathroom

The baroque mirror is particularly suitable for the bathroom. For this piece, often small, opt for an oval model whose frame is worked in the Baroque style.

The horizontal mirrors are more suitable for a large bathroom. If you have a double sink cabinet, you can either hang two oval baroque mirrors above or one large horizontal baroque mirror.

For a graphic effect, hang above the sink a baroque mirror in dark shades. Like the witch's mirror in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Both romantic and gothic, it will give character to your bathroom. Do not hesitate to make a few reminders of the Baroque style in the room. To do this, install a few candlestick-style lights or bathroom linen in dark and chic shades.


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