Natural swimming in 6 questions

Natural swimming in 6 questions

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The natural pools seduce us with their ecological arguments. This alternative to "traditional" chemical maintenance pools, the company Bioteich has been offering for 30 years. It is therefore logical that we asked our questions to its CEO, Fabrice Cailluyer, to better understand the functioning of this 100% natural swimming! Interview by Lise Lebrun

How does a "natural pool" work?

The principle of its ecological functioning is quite simple. It mainly lies in the use of specific aquatic plants with high filtration and regeneration power, associated with microorganisms. So it is bacteria and plants that filter water, much like the regeneration of mountain lakes.

Why choose a natural swim rather than a classic pool?

The first advantage is aesthetic. There is indeed a perfect integration of swimming in the environment and the landscape. It is also an ecological solution because no chemical is used for its operation. It is also a lasting response that increases the value of your property. Finally, like a classic swimming pool, you only bathe for 2 to 4 months of the year, but you can enjoy the natural swimming environment all year round.

Can I make my natural swimming pool in self-construction?

Yes certainly, with a lot of work and by documenting. But the stages of construction are complex and require the know-how of a professional.

What are the advantages of Bioteich natural swimming?

30 years of experience! References in the fields of hotels, tourism, public swimming pools and hundreds of projects by individuals. It is a system that works, that has proven itself, that benefits from a local network and swimming certification. We can be found in France, internationally, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Morocco, Canada…

How much does it cost ?

From 40,000 euros for a standard size, i.e. 60/75 m2 of fitted area. We adapt to all terrains, all reliefs, all the desires of our customers. There is indeed no range of products. We can therefore make a swimming lane, a paddling pool, a geometric pool…

Is maintenance more restrictive than a traditional swimming pool?

No, it is enough to regularly clean the bathing area using a robot, empty the skimmers, and remove the flowers, leaves, various deposits from the regeneration and filtration area, without forgetting to maintain the plants regularly like in a garden. Once a year, in the fall, it is necessary to cut the grass, that is to say to prune the plants. In addition, the constraint of checking and dosing chemicals is eliminated, as well as that of annual emptying. As with all equipment, regular maintenance and monitoring of the water quality are necessary to fully enjoy your swim. More information: or on 03 44 60 60 61