Focus on solar lights

Focus on solar lights

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A solar luminaire is a lamp made up of a solar panel and a battery which will restore the energy captured during the day thanks to leds. The interest of this type of luminaire is obviously ecological because it does not consume any electricity but it is more practical since it starts automatically after dark. Formerly reserved for path marking, the solar luminaire can now compete with the wired luminaire on the power and aesthetic side.

The solar solar light to mark out

In the garden, it is necessary to bring lighting points to move around safely. This is called markup, especially for access roads. In this case, low-intensity lighting is sufficient. At Castorama, you will find a set of 8 solar terminals composed of 2 LEDs to be planted directly in the ground but you can also choose a more powerful top light, as with the Street's floor lamp (119.95 €) always at Castorama, with 8 LEDs and a motion detector.

The solar light to stage

Solar lights have evolved well and can now be used to light massive and trees. We now find solar projectors with sufficient intensity to create light effects. At Leroy Merlin, the Rivoli double solar projector (€ 69.90) with its light intensity of 300 lumens can illuminate shrubs and flower beds. Another development, you can also use the solar light to stage your pool. Truffaut thus offers floating solar globes which change color and which will have the most beautiful effect on a body of water.

The solar light to decorate

Finally, the solar light can be used to decorate, in particular its garden seating area. It will then be found in the form of garlands or light pots. At Ikea, the Solvinden series is thus bringing Japanese sunballs up to date.