Fighting mice in the house

Fighting mice in the house

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A common problem in our country houses which are only inhabited intermittently, mice can be responsible for significant damage. Small rodents nest in walls and recesses, gnaw insulators and electrical wires, and rob pantries if they are not well protected. A quick overview of solutions to eradicate them.

The mouse swatter: a radical classic

Aside from the awful noise it makes when it starts in the middle of the night, the mouse swatter remains one of the most effective and economical means (from 0.70 euros) to eradicate the rodent. To be placed perpendicular to the wall, with the bait on the side of the partition. A scoop: the good old gruyère is not the most effective, opt for a piece of bread or chocolate, the mice love it!

Ultrasound technology to scare away rodents

Ultrasound devices avoid killing the mice, and at worst will make them flee to the neighbor! It is a small device that plugs into an electrical outlet and plays sounds almost inaudible to humans, but audible to animals (be careful if you have a dog or a cat). By changing the frequency of the waves regularly, the communication habits of the mice are disturbed, they can no longer identify their predators and are forced to leave the premises. One device per piece is necessary for rodents to flee permanently!

Poisons, only if you have no choice

To do if you really haven't managed to get rid of your mouse by another means or if you house and feed a large colony! Because the death of the mouse in this case is quite slow, 3 to 4 days, (you may never find it by the way ...) and watch out for children and pets if you have them. These rodenticides or biocides come in the form of cereals or gel and are actually anticoagulants.

The cat: nature takes back its rights

Please note that not all cats are interested in mice, but whether it is a hunter or a lounge cat, the deterrent effect is real, and generally distances future rodent tenants…