Couple: how to agree on the choice of decoration?

Couple: how to agree on the choice of decoration?

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That's it, it's official, you're going to move in together! But before you celebrate and organize a housewarming party with your friends, you will have to agree. Because you love Scandinavian decoration but your other half prefers more industrial atmospheres ... Not only will we have to find common ground but in addition, you will have to make concessions ... Not so simple! To avoid conflicts and facilitate your move in, we will reveal all our tips so that your couple can easily agree on the choice of decoration!

1. Defining a lifestyle together

© Photo Toa Heftiba on Unsplash In psychoanalysis, we define decoration as our third envelope (after the skin and clothes). It must be said, the layout and decoration of an interior can greatly influence our behavior and our aspirations. And the better you feel at home, the better you are in everyday life. So that's a good reason to care about it with dignity! If it may seem easy when you live alone, it is much less when you are in a relationship. So much so that to find balance, we will have to discuss and define a lifestyle that resembles the two inhabitants of the place. In practice, you have to share the way you imagine everyday life in your new home! Ask yourself the right questions: are you in perfect harmony on the question of storage? Do you both like the sleek and minimalist or bohemian and more lively interiors? Do you prefer colorful or rather neutral decorations? Do you like cozy or more modern atmospheres? Based on the answers to these questions, you will already have an idea of ​​the decor style that would match your lifestyle as a duo! Remember that in 2018, the mismatch is, more than ever, trendy! In other words, decorative styles have close relationships and can - in some cases - combine perfectly. For example, if the gentleman likes vintage pieces and the lady prefers the bohemian style, nothing prevents the two decorative styles from being combined! By mixing genres with subtlety, you allow everyone to find their account!

2. Think practical

In the living rooms, you must rely on the functionality of the space. In other words, you have to think practical but above all, you have to think double! In the bedroom, this translates into shared but separate storage spaces. Thus, everyone can store their belongings and clothes without encroaching on the space of the other. To save space, think of two-in-one and modular furniture. In the bathroom, if you don't have room to accommodate two basins, consider creating a beauty area (a mirror and a small shelf) so that you can prepare yourself at the same time. The idea is to make everyday life easier by providing practical and functional furniture and decoration! In this way, you can be sure that cohabitation will take place in the best conditions ...

3. Compromise

© Photo Kari Shea on Unsplash When you move in with your other half, you are aware that you will have to compromise! After defining the decor style and anticipating the storage, you must agree on the rest of the decoration. And it's not always easy to find common ground! You love yellow but your other half can't imagine using this color too showy for the living room wall? Find a neutral color that appeals to both of you and make up for it with a few decorative items for the touch of color: cushion, plaid, vase, carpet… If you have trouble agreeing, you can find an arrangement by cutting the pear in half. To do this, define the parts that interest you and divide up the tasks. Monsieur takes care of furnishing and decorating the office and the kitchen and Madame, the living room and the bathroom. It is also an opportunity to distribute household chores. If cooking is your loved one's favorite activity, let them manage the design of this room. This will avoid future disagreements and phrases like "I told you it wouldn't be practical like that!" ...

4. Create spaces for everyone

© Maisons du Monde Whether you decorate your interior together or separately, you must plan for your own space. In fact, whatever methods you choose, you must give yourself the opportunity to create your own universes. If space allows, reserve a room for each of you. In this way, you can both create the decoration of your dreams and imagine a room with your images. This advice is all the more valid when individuals have different passions! If you don't have many rooms, nothing prevents you from creating your intimate spaces. In the office, you can imagine a reading corner for one and a DIY workshop corner or exhibition of collectibles for the other! In the bedroom, Madame can easily create a dressing table in a corner of the room. In short, you understood, by developing small spaces dedicated to each, you will participate in the well-being of your couple!

5. Favor the bedroom

© Nina Ricci Maison Of all the tricks, if there is one that should not be overlooked, this is it, because it is in this room that you find yourself (normally) every night! It is also the place where escape and reverie have their place! To create a cocoon worthy of the name, you must pamper the decoration. How? 'Or' What ? Bet on a comfortable bed and cozy bed linen, choose (together) soft shades and conducive to relaxation, treat the headboard (macramé, wooden palette, light garland ...), think of the poetic and romantic touches (a bouquet of flowers on the bedside table for example) and add a few personal touches (travel souvenirs, photos…)! Nothing too complicated, is it?