Glossy furniture for the bathroom

Glossy furniture for the bathroom

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To bring color to the bathroom, lacquered furniture in flashy colors is back in force for a trend a bit seventies. Lapeyre launches the Gloss collection, a new line of glossy lacquered furniture combining invigorating colors, rounded lines and designer material to breathe new life into the bathroom. Created by Decotec, the collection includes 4 elements that adapt to all bathrooms: a washbasin cabinet and a hanging column, a mirror and a coordinated shelf. The fronts, the amounts of the mirror and the shelf are entirely lacquered to give shine to the surface. And to match your decorating desires, Gloss offers four front colors: green and plum for playful and invigorating colors and anthracite gray and white for a sober and elegant atmosphere. Enough to make the bathroom his new favorite room. > More info on


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